Love Advice

Got any questions about love, dating, and relationships? Let the experts help you! Here are some questions we have been receiving from our followers and our advice.

A guy I’ve been seeing recently ghosted on me. I like him a lot. I have no idea if he feels the same way. Should I still reach out to him? – Aubrey

Stacy: Oh dear, that’s sad to hear. I know it makes you feel good maintaining your communication lines with that person, but what can you do? He suddenly disappeared in your life without having the courtesy to let you know of his real intentions (or the lack of it). I’d suggest you focus your attention on other things or people who are worth your time and love.

Stanley: I agree with Stacey. If there’s one lesson you have to learn from this situation, it’s learning how to respect yourself enough to know your worth. That guy is not worthy of your admiration (or whatever feelings you have for him). You’re an amazing woman. Please look for a guy who’s just as amazing as you are: someone who knows what respect is.

What are your thoughts about dating websites and apps? – Brent

Stacy: I am perfectly fine with finding love over the internet. It’s just like traditional dating with an addition of internet as a channel to bridge the gap between would-be lovers who would otherwise have not met each other.

Stanley: I have a golf buddy who met his wife on Tinder. While most people are after hookups, there are some who are looking for serious relationships.

How do I get a girl to like me? I’m just an average-looking guy. – James

Stacy: Be yourself! Someone out there will accept and love you as you are.

Stanley: Hi James, please visit our blog section for tips on attracting women. Good luck!