How to Get a Woman to Like You: The Art of Attracting Women the Effortless Way

You have the good looks that can give the hottest Hollywood hunks a run for their money. You own a flashy car, and you have a fine and exquisite taste in clothes. You’re smart, athletic, and oh so perfect. But alas, you don’t attract as many women as your average-looking co-worker. You wonder why he beat you on those lovely chicks in the office. His secret? Well, chances are good that he knows how to attract women.

The following are three important techniques that can make you attract more women.


Funny how men usually forget to smile when a lot of women adore those who have heart-melting smiles. Women find smiling men more attractive than those who always look grumpy. Smiling more often shows that you’re confident and happy—and women love that. So always wear that killer smile of yours, and for sure, you can brighten someone’s day.

Learn how women think and feel.

Women are naturally emotional, as opposed to men who tend to be rational or analytical. As you probably notice, your female friends often act on their feelings rather than their thoughts. The way to a woman’s heart is through her emotions. When having a conversation with a woman, listen to her intently. Women like to talk to someone with a sympathetic ear. Stop bombarding her with tons of advice because she won’t appreciate them. She just wants you to listen—nothing else.

Be the knight in shining armor.

Sure, women nowadays are no fairy-tale princesses. But deep in their hearts, they want to be the “damsels in distress” in the real world, and they’re waiting for their Prince Charming to help them and sweep them off their feet. That simply means going out of your way to help and showing that you really care. Spoiling women can be an effective way on how to pull women, as you make them feel they’re special. When you show an effort to help women, it’s likely that many women would want to be around you.

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