How to find a girlfriend when you are 30+

man looking to find a girlfriend

Are you 30+ years old and do you finally want to find a girlfriend?

Are you tired of loneliness?

All your friends have a babies and their ladies ?

In this article you will learn the secret of what successful men know and use when they want to find a girlfriend.
Many men wonder how I can find a girlfriend and how to make a new acquaintance more than just a date.

You ask yourself:

“Do you have to do something special so that the woman wants to see me again and that I can be considered as a partner for a stable relationship?”

What do most of us men do when we particularly like a woman and we really want to find a girlfriend right now?

Unfortunately, men break it up here very often and prefer to stay in the safe haven of the conversation. They don’t want to “step too close” to the woman and attack her with her need to be close.

We think of her all the time and are much more excited in her presence than usual because we hope that “it will work out for her”.

We take everything she says personally because we take every word of her incredibly seriously.

We want to impress the woman so that she likes us.

Now take a look at this video, where Cathy explains best places where to find a girlfriend:

According to a Splending research study, almost every third couple has met online!

  • 30% on the Internet (Tinder,, Facebook,etc.)
  • 21% about friends, acquaintances and family
  • 18% when going out in the evening, e.g. in the pub or disco
  • 13% at work or at work (including school and university)
  • 8% about common interests, e.g. Hobby or sport
  • 6% other occasions (e.g. in the hospital, park and supermarket)
  • 4% on vacation or when traveling

The fear of screwing it all

So instead of taking the next step, men prefer to continue chatting about the topics that don’t interest them at the moment because they are fascinated by the red, glossy lips of the woman opposite them and just want to kiss them straight away.

Women feel it when you want to kiss her. Not doing it will only give you minus points.