How to Get a Woman to Like You: The Art of Attracting Women the Effortless Way

You have the good looks that can give the hottest Hollywood hunks a run for their money. You own a flashy car, and you have a fine and exquisite taste in clothes. You’re smart, athletic, and oh so perfect. But alas, you don’t attract as many women as your average-looking co-worker. You wonder why he beat you on those lovely chicks in the office. His secret? Well, chances are good that he knows how to attract women.

The following are three important techniques that can make you attract more women.


Funny how men usually forget to smile when a lot of women adore those who have heart-melting smiles. Women find smiling men more attractive than those who always look grumpy. Smiling more often shows that you’re confident and happy—and women love that. So always wear that killer smile of yours, and for sure, you can brighten someone’s day.

Learn how women think and feel.

Women are naturally emotional, as opposed to men who tend to be rational or analytical. As you probably notice, your female friends often act on their feelings rather than their thoughts. The way to a woman’s heart is through her emotions. When having a conversation with a woman, listen to her intently. Women like to talk to someone with a sympathetic ear. Stop bombarding her with tons of advice because she won’t appreciate them. She just wants you to listen—nothing else.

Be the knight in shining armor.

Sure, women nowadays are no fairy-tale princesses. But deep in their hearts, they want to be the “damsels in distress” in the real world, and they’re waiting for their Prince Charming to help them and sweep them off their feet. That simply means going out of your way to help and showing that you really care. Spoiling women can be an effective way on how to pull women, as you make them feel they’re special. When you show an effort to help women, it’s likely that many women would want to be around you.

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Internet Dating Services: Finding Love and Friendship in Cyberspace

No time for finding love? Having trouble finding a date? Don’t worry. You can take advantage of various internet dating services that provide unmoderated matchmaking online. More and more people are joining the internet dating bandwagon, hoping to finally meet their perfect match. Most of the time, online dating works—but sometimes, it doesn’t. The success of online dating actually depends on the person finding his or her perfect date. How do you know if using an internet dating service is right for you?

Online dating is the perfect way to meet friends and future dating partners especially for people with hectic schedules. Dating sites can help you look for a date or a friend if you don’t have much time to do so. But before you go on a dating quest on the internet, you have to set your own requirements first.

Are you too shy to even introduce yourself to a person you like? If meeting a person face to face sends shivers to your spine, then using an internet dating service is the way to go. Introverts won’t have to worry about not having enough confidence because, with dating sites, they can be what they are without feeling awkward and being criticized.

Online dating services are great for people who want to have a dating relationship with no strings attached. If you join a dating site, you’re not required to meet face to face the person you’re chatting or interacting with.

Just like in traditional dating, you can expect to meet someone who shares the same interests with you. This is possible if you know the right approach to use when interacting with your online dates. You will be delighted to find out that there are many people from across the globe who are compatible with you.

Now, if you think you’re better off meeting someone over the internet, then go for it!

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Proper Timing: The Key to Starting a Meaningful and Lasting Relationship

Timing is everything when it comes to asking a girl out. Many relationships fail not because couples are wrong for each other but because of wrong timing. More often than not, the people we thought were meant for us came either too early or too late in our lives. Bad timing is a reality we must accept.

Timing problems

Some of the timing problems we encounter have something to do with circumstances and events in our lives. For instance, you are attracted to a girl and you ask her out. But it is not that simple. You may find out later that the girl is nursing a heartbreak and is not ready yet to date again. Or maybe she has started to date another guy a few weeks before you asked her out. Perhaps, she has personal or family problems that have to be resolved before she could commit herself to you.

Dating tips and proper timing

When asking a girl out, give flexible choices of locations and dates so that she could decide the setup that will be convenient to her. What should you do when a girl declines to date you? Do not assume outright that she is just making excuses. If the girl says no, let her know that you understand her reasons for refusing to go out on a date with you. Also, tell her that if her schedule frees up, you are willing to make arrangements again.

However, be careful not to give the impression that you are very desperate to date her. Don’t be too available because the girl might find you uninteresting. Enhance your appeal by making it appear that you, too, are busy and not too eager to spend some time with her.

Get your timing right, and you will have better chances of successful dating.

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